Song of the Day:

Amos Lee - Sweet Pea

So cute

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Dan Kelly - Nothing Compares To You

(No Man’s Woman)

This fantastic tune is a ukulele cover of a great tune by a woman songwriter. The whole¬†No Man’s Woman album is an album by male Aussie artists done as a tribute for great women singer/songwriters!

Completely worth checking out!

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Island Paradise - Judy Marshak

Check out this adorable little ditty on the ukulele. Definitely a sultry jazz singer you should check out.


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Ukulele Song

Disney’s More Silly Songs

An adorable little song on the ukulele. Who doesn’t love Disney?

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What Are You Doing New Years Eve? by Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt

If you haven’t already seen this, please feast your ears.

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So weird. but I’m strangely entranced.

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'Kids' - The Ooks of Hazard (MGMT 7 ukulele cover)

Just amazing