Never Gonna Leave You - Us

Adorable song by this husband and wife duo who just released a full album, which is totally worth checking out here:


Tongue Tied - Grouplove

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Flaws - Bastille 

Lovely catchy tune with some powerful lyrics.

"you have always worn your flaws upon your sleeve…"

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212 - Azealia Banks feat. Lazy Jay

So badass I can’t help but rock out when this song plays.

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Queen of California

John Mayer

I completely agree with this review of John Mayer’s new album, Born and Raised. Very Eric Clapton and James Taylor, which I love. This is my favourite track off the album and is quite the redeeming one.

Despite my best intentions, I found myself ready to forgive John Mayer and love his new album Born and Raised on first listen of “Queen of California”. While Battle Studies was utterly horrifying (and his cover of “I’m On Fire” nearly unforgivable) his latest record finds him stripped down with a country edge a la late era Eric Clapton. It’s a mellower affair, and “Queen of California” is a stand-out track, evident from its upbeat finger-picked beginning, to the nice country slide touches and the beautiful bridge that he throws into a couple verses (see :35 seconds in).  It’s commonplace to call John Mayer a narcissistic asshole, but plenty more rockstars have worn the title. With Born and Raised, Mayer may have finally found a way to channel his inner demons with a Ryan Adamsesque flavor.

Queen of California - John Mayer

You can grab the Double Vinyl for Born & Raised off of Mayer’s official site

The digital album can be found the conventional route on iTunes

LIYL: Eric Clapton, Ryan Adams

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Desperate Measures

Marianas Trench

I am not ashamed to say I love these guys. All four band members were choir boys in their youth and that really shows through in their awesome harmonies. And though the song is a little bit Top 40’s pop, they really are at least showcasing their talents.

And whatever, I LOVE this pop anyway. They really redeemed themselves with this latest album, Ever After. 

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Say It Again

Mariah McManus

Cute tune that reminds me of Regina Spektor/ Coeur de Pirate.

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Don’t Be a Girl About it

Kelly Clarkson

Great song.

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I like this song. Shhhh.

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Ai Se Eu Te Pego

Michel Teló

I was told by my french cousins that this song is really popular in Europe and plays all the time. Here’s some awesome Brazilian music for you :)