Nothing From Nothing

Billy Preston

Just look at that afro. And that soul.



Ben L’Oncle Soul

Now, it was only recently that we posted this wonderful man’s cover of Seven Nation Army but I wanted to show you all that he really is quite diverse.

Ben L’Oncle Soul DOES have a full album of hilarious and wonderful covers (featuring the likes of Barbie Girl and I Kissed A Girl … if that doesn’t entice you to listen to it, I don’t know what will). But he also does fabulous original work.

As you may have gathered from his interpretation style he is a soulman through and through, and that’s just what this song is channeling.

With a little hint of Otis Redding, this makes for a perfect tribute to Motown music… if not a signal for its revival? Here’s hoping…


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Ordinary People

John Legend

Get Lifted (2004)

John Legend is a god. I am completely in love with his song Stay With You but I thought I’d post this one because the lyrics really mean a lot to me and I feel like it has a lot of soul.

That’s a little less than accurate: I think John Legend is motown re-incarnate.

I hope you all enjoy his soothing piano and soft vioce. Definitely something for the summer sunshine.

- Laughtrack

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Warwick Avenue


Rockferry (2008)

In High School I was a part of a band called Otis Lives in which we did covers of old motown songs. Last night I went to see this band perform and I noticed they’d been channeling some newer soulful artists.

One woman who had been on the scene in 2008 and I really didn’t pay too much attention to was Duffy. I regret that now because after hearing my high school band play this song last night it’s been stuck in my head ever since.

It was such a heartwarming performance to watch, and in the cover as well as the original I could hear a serious amount of soul. That is the most important thing.


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