Ray LaMontagne 

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Here’s a few tunes to make the end of your summer just as rockin’ as the beginning was. 

Back to school doesn’t have to give you the blues, let it make you put on your dancing shoes.

Track numbers have been adjusted so that you can just drag and drop this playlist into your itunes and it’ll appear in proper order!

Never Gonna Leave You - Us

Adorable song by this husband and wife duo who just released a full album, which is totally worth checking out here:


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Son My Son

Milo Greene

My favourite song from the Self-Titled Debut Album by the fantastic band I saw open for The Civil Wars earlier this year. 

I know you friends of mine in Canada can’t access this tune so please just do yourself a favour and buy it here instead: http://store.warnermusic.com/milo-greene-digital-album.html

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Damien Rice-Delicate

Because it’s beautiful.

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Basket Case

Sara Bareilles 

Having a revival of my love for this whole album. This song gets me though.

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The Staves - The Motherlode

I now listen to this every morning on my bike ride to work. It’s such a lovely tune with great words.

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This Is the New Year

Ian Axel (feat. Chad Vaccarino)

These guys are my new favourite people. Love this song.

Definitely worth buying the whole album! It’s whatever you want to contribute on BandCamp:


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Adam Cohen - What Other Guy

Yes, this is Leonard Cohen’s son. Yes, I love him already.

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Vivienne Youel - Something about the City (Official Video) (by VivienneYouel)

Lovely new single by this fantastic musician I was shown in an email submission (which I always love to receive, btw)!

Check out her tumblr, and hopefully you, like me, will be eagerly awaiting more from this singer